12 February 2011

Casual Cosplay - Forbidden Planet

Sorry for the lack of posts my exchnage partner arrive on the 10th and it has been chaotic since! XD

Items you can buy
Last monday there was a mini cosplay event, which I attended with Ryan and Charlotte; it was free and private. You had to go to the shop a couple of days before to sign up.
I wore Lolita and Charlotte cosplayed. How amazing is her bag?!
Only a few cosplayed, but it was all good since Forbidden Planet had 20% off for the night!

We later went to McDonalds and played with our free lightsabers! Thanks Charlotte for letting me know I have exposure settings!
I bought some Hello Kitty tatoos and stickers :3
I've also been knitting, whilst at college!

Sorry for the quick post.
Who do you want to cosplay as?


The Odd and Chic said...

I want a knitted bow tie!!


PS following you - stop back soon!


Beauty meets Kawaii said...

Your knitting is so cute!!

Kisses, Melanie

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Did Charlotte go as Ramona from Scott Pilgrim? Please say yes! I rarely ever guess people's cosplay outfits right ever...XD

Stephanie Faris said...

Those are COOL things you're knitting. I love 'em!

Piperita Patty said...

You look gorgeous whith that skirt!!!

I wanna a free lightsaber too T_T I'm a star wars otaku.

I'd like to cosplay as Aya Mikage of Ayashi no Ceres or as Gea (it's an italian comic about a girl who has angels powers and a katana and goes around by night slaying demons), or even as Darth Vader in person.
In general my favourite charachters are very difficult to coslplay, too normal or too abnormal XD
A friend of mine wants me to do Nana Osaki while she cosplays Nana Komatsu, though.

Carmen said...

Your knitting is so cute! I think if I cosplayed, I would cosplay Yuki Cross!

Carmen Ri.

Ribka said...

Cute outfit! I love the skirt :)

Melody said...

*v* I love cosplaying hehe. Later on this year, I'm going to cosplay as Rin (Vocaloids) and also, Nagi (Kannagi) ~ :D Not sure if I'll do anything else >.<"

Anyway, your lolita outfit looks gorgeouss! I really want to buy a dress ):

Gerrytales said...

Aww you should of cosplayed too ~ Though I like your skirt with the bows :)
Nice Hello Kitty purchases btw (* v *)

----to answer your blog question
I would love to cosplay as "Kobato"

Kelly_konomi said...

i love the ribbons on your dress! hehehe

i wanna cosplay as some big boobs cute character >.< because i don't have~ wahahahhahah

Meri and Anni said...

You bought cute items ;w;

Hmm, i'm wanted to cosplay for a long time that Alice from "Alice in wonderland" XD

TheMadTwins said...

You both look so amazing :D
You're dress so cute:D
And It's so awesome you have cosplays :)If they had it here I would become Haru from the movie:Neko no ongaeshi :D
I think se is so cute :P


Anonymous said...

I like your skirt! ^^
And knitting!

I don't think I would ever cosplay though?

Anonymous said...

omygosh cool knitting stuff. when i knit its only a scarf haha. but i luv cosplay its so fun. i only did it once and im excited to do it again this year! hmm.. i have no idea what i want to be this time.

Heart Charlie said...

Her bag is amazing, forbidden planet is awesome, I was just there last week ;)

Vintage and Cake said...

I've heard of cosplay but I don't know who I would go as I'm not to wise up on what you would wear for it haha.
I do know that any chance to dress up like Lady gaga, I'm there hero wise I guess Rouge because I have a grey/white streak at the front of my hair :P

This looked like fun, and I love your knitting xxx

*~kAy~* said...

hee.. so cute :p
I've never cosplayed before :)
Wouldn't know what to :P

I like your exposure settings! :P wonder if i have it on mine :P
which camera do you have? :P

мoɴιcα-αι said...

i still want to try those exposure photos! they look so cool >< just don't know where to start haha

amanda said...

kyaa your kintting is still the best <33

Anonymous said...

Oh I love those flouresent lights!

Happy Valentine's Day beautiful!

SOFIA said...

wow1cool blog!

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

i want to cosplay black rock shooter (from an anime movie of the same title) or victorique of gosick :)

happy Valentine's day! XD

Elliot J. Morris said...

Thanks for the comment :P

Nice outfit :) Very pretty :P
Looking really 'suave' yourself XD

Cap'n NikNak said...

Hello! Got your comments, I am taking one step at a time I suppose that is all that I can do...I miss some of my close friends because they arent near where I live so thats a total downer :(
But any way sucks to hear maths is bad - but I am guessing you're sticking with it by the sound of it - so thats good! Its so hard to be motivated huni, but you keep on going I suppose - good luck! x

cutielippi said...

♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day to you ♥♥
You look so cute in loli!!
I never cosplayed, I don't have the balls lol XD
But if I had to I'd do a cosplay of Yuki Onna from Nurarihyon no Mago because she's cute and i like snow lol

Snugtrition said...

The bald guy u took a pic of is awwweesoommmeee lol. You look great in your lolita too =D. I think if you compare your pics now from before, you look a whole lot better. Its like your craft is maturing over time. It's really neat.

...So are lightsabers available at McD's worldwide or just europe?

Anonymous said...

love the post!

Pop Champagne said...

you got mad knitting skills! hope you have a great valentines day!

Tara said...

love ur outfit with bow as the detail in ur skirt :)

Anonymous said...

I love that shop! Although I don't go to it too often as it takes a while to travel their :(
Cute knitted crafts by the way.
P.s I have an award waiting for you on my blog, go and check it out ^_^

Chelsea said...

Cute lolita outfit! I`d want to cosplay as a Sailor Moon character because I was obsessed when I was little. =)

P o o p e r said...

Ahhh *__* I love your loli outfit Naka! So darn cute! and yes! Her bag looks amazing, I've never seen nothing like it o: Who was she cosplaying btw? I'm so behind on the latest anime/manga. @__@

The nurse-esqe looking bows and patches look so awesome! It reminds me onhow I rarely see Nurse loli's o:

If I could cosplay anyone ... it would probably be Sailor Saturn. :D or maybe Rei from Evangelion.

super-rabbit said...

Uwaaa, you look so cute! >w<!

Hmm, tough choice.. I want to cosplay black rock shooter someday, and vocaloid! oh and jigoku shoujo, or an japanese highschool student from a horror manga ~ don't know which one though, so many choices XD

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

that bag is super cute. i didn't even know what a cosplay was before i read this post. but, i too, think sailor moon would be cool.

Winnie said...

I still love your knitted bows, so adorable. We have a forbidden planet in Birmingham too...I've only been in there once with a friend!

konayukiss said...

omg!! i love your lolita costume!!! *cho kawaii*!!!
where did you go!? waaah. and hahaha love the hello kitty tattoos!!! <3

Ria said...

Oooh lightsabers! I want one :D Great knitting btw! You're so talented... I can only knit scarves, anything more complicated and I fold >_<

I would love to cosplay Revy from Black Lagoon, but damn I need to slim down and muscle up first before I can pull it off haha XD

CDG said...

The bows on your skirt are amazing! And want to steal those Hello Kitty tattoos, they're adorable. I would want to cosplay like I'm in Doctor Who, but I only want to be The Doctor and am sadly not a dude ha.

Anonymous said...

I seems like you are lost in knitting ;D Are you still alive?

モーラ said...

Pretty lolita outfit ;D my friends are like to cosplay as well xD

Anonymous said...

Well, glad you are okay! ^^

Haha, the sales aren't going well XD I can't seem to get rid of these items! D:

fleurcoco said...

i love cosplay ! <3
im making costume for my next cosplay and hope it'll be done asap :(

btw nice lolita costume! :)