24 April 2011

Holiday Skin - Review

Apparently fake tan can help make your legs look slimmer and can fix the look of uneven coloured skin, which is pretty much the story of my whole body because of my excema. I saw both of these benefits :3

Before & After

The photos were taken around a month apart(I've upped my fitness in the past month). I saw a difference after the first application in my skin it wasn't a big difference and the colour of of my skin didnt change until a couple of hours after application. After 3-5 applications I liked the colour and after that it became a bit orangey and fake looking.

It was very easy to apply, you may need to rub it in more to make it absorb faster. I was very pleased and would recommend this and also buy it again!

The colour didn't rub off or stain my clothes.

When I put a plaster on my leg the colour of the tan came off, so I wouldn't recommend waxing your legs if you still want the colour to stay.

The tan fades quite quickly like after two baths. So I normally take a day break and then build it back up. The coloured didn't fade much when i was in the swimming baths.

Johnson's Holiday Skin Review
Texture : Quite thick
Smell: I disliked it but it soon goes away.
Colour/tan: I like how natural it looks and non streaky!
Application : Just like moisturiser, very easy.
Effect: it made my skin very soft, but took a while to dry.

Excema : it didn't argravte my excema, but it didn't help it either.

Price: It's a moisturiser and a fake tan so i think the price is pretty good!
rrp £5-6 I bought it for £1.99
Rating: 9/10

Intensive 7 Days Garnier Review
Texture : Quite thick
Smell: I disliked it at first but now I like it :) It reminds me of chocolate.

Effect:Even if I miss a day my skin still feels soft!

Excema : it helped my skin overall and the fact I don't have to put it on all the time makes it even better!

Price: rrp £2-3 (250ml) I bought it for £1.50
Rating: 9/10
I got the cocoa butter one, and the mango one aswell( I think they have 3 or 4 different versions). The mango one smells so much better, but it's very runny and is nowhere near as hydrating as the cocoa butter version. I would experiment with which one works better for you though. They come in small bottles and larger bottles :3

*I only used the fake tan on my legs aswell. I have no idea how the product would look where the skin naturally creases... It's a subtle difference but I like it :)

I bought new shoes. I finally got some converse! I got them from GetTheLabel. It took three working days and was quite easy to order. the only probelm is they are both size 6 but the black ones are a bit tighter than the converse, but I guess that is down to the factory and not the website.

I wasn't paid for this review and I bought all the products myself.
What's your opinion of tanning?


Shou-chan said...

awwww! omg i wanna have these products too! I will search them next week in my local supermarket!^^
the effect is great, you use both?^^
sorry for making you wait so long, my letter will come soon :3
a few months ago I tested solarium but it didn't help and I didn't got tanned, I only were afraid of destroying my skin with UV-light and so on^^'

inge luciana said...

well.. I don't really like tanning. I love my white skin and never think to make it looks tan or something like that.
but i have to say that the result of the product is real great!! nice review

PopBlush said...

I used to tan alot because I also wanted to 'appearance' of slimmer arms and legs. But it became hard to maintain because I couldnt keep the tan. I started using Dove's tanning moisturiser and liked it :)

OtherMix said...

The "slimming" idea is the same as with colours. Black also slims down more than pink or white.

I normally tan quite quickly myself, it also helps when you are swimming because if you are in the weather you tan quicker as well ^^

Thanh Thao said...

Oh my god, you got the pink converse I've always wanted to have XDDD I only have it in red and black! Must get myself the pink ones soon!!

I've never thought about tanning my legs, but if it helps I may do it! My legs are really white and I have some ecema as well...

Artist by Design said...

nice review! I totally agree that tans slim and make them look much more toned!

Serizawa said...

I wouldn't wanna tan myself *_____* I'm trying to make myself look fair heheh. but your fake tan looks good. :)

Claire said...

I never go out to tan in the sun, and by all means I normally steer away from it - some of my older relatives are now suffering from faces like old ladies' behinds (sorry Auntie Trish!), and I wouldn't want that. Funnily enough I used to use fake tan when I was a clueless teenager, but 10 years ago it was a little different and nowhere near as good as it is now. Now I have accepted my paleness and actually quite like it, so I don't use either - fake or real - tanning method!

Ken said...

u look good with a tan~

Saving Capulet said...

oh your skin looks great! tanning for me is A-okay! although I haven't considered doing it cause people here usually opt for fairer skin o.o

Meri and Anni said...

You look gorgeous!
I like your skin colour :) and, those shoes what you bought looks nice~

Anonymous said...

The tan looks good on you!

I don't tan at all. I may burn my skin in summer, turn red and then white again and I don't trust fake tan... also I like being pale even though sometimes it makes me look sick.

Oh to Be a Muse said...

i don't tan for obvious reasons, but i think you look good. and i have eczema too--it can be so annoying some times!

Miki's scrapbook said...

I REALLY need to tan my legs. I'm chubby so I rarely wear short skirts or trousers, hence my legs always look as white as they can :/. I've only tried some tanning lotion once and the results were really bad. I mean, my legs just looked stained, not tanned. Maybe I have to try your products.

Hope you're having a nice Easter (if you celebrate it)!



sugar sugar said...

you have gorgeous legs! i also want to tan my legs now. =) this is a great product review. i should go look for this too. ^__^

Atley said...

I like it when my girl looks a little orange. its fun. I can call her names like carrot!

Piperita Patty said...

I'm not so interested in tanning since i got sunburns easily and I have really pale skin. So the fake tan looks really really fake on me. I also like my vampire like pale skin and the freackles I have in summer *_*
But I'm interested in the slimming effect (and cocoa smell), though!