29 May 2011


Thank You :)

Ayu from baka usagi for tagging me for the blogger award ^^
H.Rija from My Lyfe ; My Story for tagging all your readers for the 8 most worn things and for the Kreativ Award :)

I don't wear nail polish often enough to say so I missed that.

List 10 fact about me.
1. My favourite romantic film is My Sassy Girl
2.The reason I'm learning German is mainly because I threw up on a sweet German gentleman a very long time ago
3.but I feel stupid telling the full story so I tell people I go to Germany often
4.when I don't even leave the airport, when I do actually go to Germany
5. I feel blogger is often a popularity contest
6. I like the vent my feelings
7. but get too scared of what people think of me
8. I think alot of people have the wrong impression of me
9. I like to get off my face on lack of sleep and energy drinks
10. I've cried because my mum packed my drum kit away wrong, she damaged the cymbals...

Piperita Patty from Style Bunny for tagging me in the One Lovely Blog Award ^^

7 more facts?! What do you want to know? I'll answer the first 7 questions, aslong as I don't consider them obscene. I'm guessing people want to know more about threwing up on someone....

I tag everyone, becuase I don't want to leave any one out, and its really late :(


☆ ayu☆ said...

i <3 sassy girl as well!!

☆ ayu☆ said...

i <3 sassy girl as well!!

Melody said...

Ahaha I remember My Sassy Girl xP funny as story <3 hehe. And ahhhhh, you threw up a on sweet German gentleman ?! SOUNDS LIKE AN EMBARRASSING STORY >__< ahhahah


Gerrytales said...

Aww that sucks that your mom packed up your drum and ruined it. I remember my mom washed my jeans with my phone still in the pocket. I cried too =__=

Ashley said...

I loved this post! I think we have a lot in common, too:) I'm also learning German, but not because I threw up on someone:D
Happy weekend! xx

Ice Pandora said...

-big huggy- you are not stupiddd
My German is very minimum haha...
Sorry to hear about the drum kit o:


Kristen said...

@Hello Naka: Yay! :"> Thank you! I'll surely check you blog out as well. :)

We can exchange follows if thats just okay with you. I'd be happy to. :)

Sherley S. Wijaya said...

great post, cute blog! :)


Shou-chan said...

awww great answers :3
my question would be...when do you wanna visit Germany next and which city do you wanna visit?^^

Kristen said...

RE: Lucky to know that. ^^ Thank you!! :">

You're so kind. ^^

Ribbonlicious said...

Oh no, I just wondered about your letter - and nothing arrived, how bad!! :( I hope it's okay for you to write another one again..? Let me know, it was my turn to answer, I could write a little letter too.
I hope it'S alright to write in german - can you understand everthing? ^^

Kate ~

KittyBonkers said...

Awwww, you shouldn't think blogger is a popularity contest! Its a free space where like minded (mostly ladies) can get together and share the things they love the most!! Without being all bitchy and stuff (unlike real life!) The German man story is funny though, it sounds like a good story!

I am officially back by the way, so I hope to see some of your lovely comments in my inbox soon, I missed them!

Kitty xoxox

Piperita Patty said...

I'd like to hear the story of the unfortunate german gentleman XD
And I'd like to hear about your date too, if it isn't too nosey :P
Sorry to hear about your drumkit! My mum once made all my favourtite tees pink at the same time. I didn't cry but I was really mad, maybe I'm more the aggressive type? ^^'
I sometimes feel blogger is a popularity contest too -_-' But I like that my blog is a small reality so that I don't have too much responsability on what I write or link :P

Sher said...

Oh I thought my sassy girl was way cute too!

And yes, there are days when i feel blogger is such a popularity contest...le sigh!

Anonymous said...

ahh you are cute and you like sassy girl <3

Shop N' Chomp said...

Haha...I love your reason for learning German! XD Congrats on those awards!!

(You need to try macarons! =)

Lydz xX said...

congrats lovely :)

Lydz xX

English Rose ♥ said...

Congrats on all your awards lovely girl =]

I've missed you and your lovely blog darling, how have you been?

If you haven't already, check out my new bi-annual online fashion magazine and spread the word:


Hope you're staying safe and chic dearest!

English Rose x


Ali said...

I feel like blogger can be a popularity contest too. in a strange way.
I'd love to speak better german. your story sounds awful!

Tara said...

congratz for the blogger award ;D

Saving Capulet said...

oh lovely girl! we share the same sentiments, cough cough! no. 5! -.-

Kym said...

ahhh, i love my sassy girl! the korean version right? i watched the english one too but it was lame. =S my fiance and i actually based our engagement photo shoot on that movie! hehe!

MayClover said...

I also like the film My Sassy Girl :)!

Winnie said...

Oh no, I hope your mum didn't damage your cymbals too much, I know how expensive they are! I agree though, sometimes blogging feels like a popularity contest...but there are always more positives than negatives!

Miki's scrapbook said...

Haha, now you NEED to tell us the full story! ;)

hope you're having a nice week!



michellehendra said...

cause you deserve it! ;)


Florence said...

LOL tag everyone ? Hahaha

check out my newest silly post !


Stephanie Faris said...

I don't wear jewelry most of the time. Just my small diamond studs that I never take out and my wedding set. I guess I'm simple! But I ALWAYS wear foundation, eyeliner, and mascara.

*~kAy~* said...

cute necklace! :p

ah.. popularity contest.. can't be avoided sometimes huh :p
I'm still grateful to have it though coz I get to meet so many awesome people including you! :3

and my question to you (if I still made it):
Rank the colors of a rainbow from best to worst and state why? :p

gwenstella said...

my favourite korean film is The Classic. :D