06 November 2011

Hello Hello Baby

I'm still failing at college, but my life is still great despite that. Alot of things have been keeping me busy, so I thought I would start of with some of my sewing projects.

I made American Shorts.
I went to a Lady Gaga theme party, but it was only me and the birthday dressed like lady Gaga. So I was VERY thankful that I had brought a jumper and vest top.

I was cheap and used spots and stripes as the American flag, instead of stars and stripes.
I made the whole outfit except from the vest top.

I finally made another Lolita blouse.

It barely fits me though, however I love it to pieces!

here are the detail shots, I have sewn a simple ero loli skirt and I'm in the middle of knitting a jumper :p

I'll post scans for the blouse so you can make it yourself, I used a Gosu Rori pattern :) I'm so sorry that i havent posted in a while, my comment s will be disabled for a little while too :(

Also thanks for your concern, it made me feel loved to know I was missed !