31 January 2012

Feed My Soul

So what happened October - December 2011 in a nut shell?
Ranking my experiences never again or always up for it again :)

The Wombats (Oct)

I ended up ruining my favourite shirt and the train broke down on the way home, never again. Although I was truly amazed when they had lasers going on :)

SOIL (Oct)

(John making friends)
It was a disappointment, never again :/ Although Dear Superstar were quite good.

Ice Skating (Oct)

Mr Nice Guy taught me how to ice skate. Dates with Mr Nice Guy always :)

Whitby Goth Weekend (Nov)

(meeting up with friends during WGW and wearing Lolita with Mr Nice Guy)
I didn't buy anything, but it was a nice relaxing day out. A couple of photographers took photos of me and Mr Nice Guy, and when I was waiting outside the toilets for him several took my photo. I found it funny that they waited until Mr Nice Guy had left to ask for a photo.

Rise Against

(on the way to the gig)
Too amazing to describe! I got pushed to the floor and trampled on, but it made it part of the experience! Someone recognised me later on in McDonalds as 'the girl who started the mosh pits' and also I embarrassed myself trying to help German people who attended the gig only to find out they spoke fluent English and they didn't need help! I then got lost until 1am along with Mr Nice Guy. I would recommend Rise Against, I was lucky to have Tom Morello to be supporting their gig! Always!

Germany Work Experience (Nov)

It was a great experience, and I would recommend it for people learning a language! I learnt how to play Vorstecken (hide and seek) and Fangen (catch) and more about the education system in Germany. I spent most of my days colouring in and covering the children in leaves XD
I went to a club, it was a strange experience and visited a significant (to my German class) gay bar. My host family were so nice to me aswell!

Electric Six (Dec)

Amazing! The lead singer of Electric Six wore a cape! A CAPE! It was extremely funny the gig in general, everyone crouched down getting ready to jump for Gay Bar , but everyone jumped at different times, I've never been part of such an epic fail before :')

Elliot getting feisty
John got his tshirt ripped in a mosh pit and we met a penguin. Yes we met a guy in a penguin onesie, he offered the birthday boy (Elliot) to sit on his shoulders, but Elliot declined :( Always!
Writing this post makes me realise that I bump into John outside college regularly lol

Banana Bread Tower

I also baked alot of banana bread for my travels aswell :) Always

2011 was a great year n_n


Saara said...

I know that feeling with the shirt.. Everytime I´m with my frind partyng my shirt or my jeans will be ruined .. Still not getting how I´m doin it :D

Shou said...

whaaa looks like nice days :3
you are really a rock girl, always going to concerts and having a great time^^ your pics are always so true and honest and that makes them so nice^^

Piperita Patty said...

omg, so many things happened!
I'm happy for all the good ones :D
I love ice skating (I'm not so talented, though) and I thing an aboroad working experience is really useful!
Mister Nice Guy seems like a nice guy XD

Alexandriaweb said...

Lol I got thrown out of a Soil gig when I was 15 (it was 18+, when the bar staff realised my ID was fake I was removed...Ooops).
I was at the Goth Weekend/Alt fest/Brahm Stoker/whatever they were calling it weekend at the end of October, it was such a weird year with them splitting it last year :/
Are you planning on going in April? Some friends of mine are trying to organise a Lolita Picnic.
You've done loads in a few months! :D

Morgane ☆ said...

I'm sorry too I wasn't coming on blogger too ><
But I was missing your posts ! :D
I'm happy the two of us are back :)

Miki's scrapbook said...

Awe, Grace, what a cool recap! I missed knowing what you were up. I'm glad to know you've done so many things and I really like Mr. Nice Guy ;D.

All the best wishes for 2012 ;D



Miki's scrapbook said...

I don't have a sewing machine, so I'll have to do everything by hand. I'll =
HAVE to do it myself, since I guess it's stupid to have the hems done when =
I paid very little for the pants ... Plus, it's time to learn already! :/ T=
hanks a lot for the encouragement! ;) And it's great to know you're back!

Miki's scrapbook said...

Sorry for the previous weird looking message, haha! It was an email I sent you, but I got a mailer daemon :/.

Lisa said...

aww how fun!! love the concert pics! and i LOVEE the pic of you ice skating hahah so cute that your boy took you ice skating! i should make the hubs take me ice skating sometime hahah :p

Frankie 泪水 said...

Aww, I wish I had a Mr Niceguy. ^^ Seems like all the guys or girls I meet are mr/ms psychopat... xD

Ice Pandora said...

Next time when going to concert, wear something not-so-pretty :P bummer to hear your favo shirt is ruined!

You seems to enjoy Germany alot Naka-Chan :) I am wondering what city you are staying!


Suvarna Gold said...

super cute blog !

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Looks like fun! I love going to concerts, but I don't have many friends who like the type of music I do. :(

Violet LeBeaux said...

Wow you had such an action packed few months! I loved reading about it ^_^

☆ ayu☆ said...

it's been awhile..im glad to read your post..

your lolita outfit is so cool!! i love the design!!

also the neko tshirt!! kawaii!! :D

cominica said...

aww, that banana bread looks niceee! love your lolita :)

Anonymous said...

hehehehe thanksss :D

Chelsea said...

This looks like so much fun. I haven't been to show in a long time. I am so jealous ;) Cool blog <3

Melody said...

It seems like you had lots of fun!! And you and Mr Nice Guy are cuteeee :DDD ! <3

And eeesh, getting trampled on in a mosh pit sounds scary though ;-;

Kira Walker said...

Ahh I want banana bread now! Looks like plenty of wonderful memories :)

I tagged you in a post by the way:


Anonymous said...

a penquin onsie???S? wow. i wonder if i could pay the penquin to come entertain my toddler for an afternoon. lol. I think she'd enjoy that.


anya and baby kenzi

yiqin; said...

nice <43 2012 will be better!

Lola Finn said...

Hi :)
Thank you so much for visiting me and your nice commment :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

So happy to see you having a good time. :D Omg I love banana bread!

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

There's a goth weekend!? That is so cool, haha! I went ice skating for the first time in december, want to go again!

Carmen said...

That looked like such a fun month, rather jealous! You did so much!!

Carmen Ri.

((*natsi*)) said...

nice photos :3 you have a great year ^^

❖❖мoɴιcα-αι❖❖ said...

aw you look so sweet!
and LOL at the ripped shirt. moshes are so dangerous o.o i've never been in one

Winnie said...

Wow sounds like you've been busy! I love seeing all the different lolita outfits you wear. Also, banana bread is one of my fave things, yummy!

MayClover said...

Looks like fun ^^
Too bad your favorite shirt got ruined!

Anita said...

Lovely blog.

m i s s . t e a said...

ehh lasers on trains? what do they look like? spaceships? :D:D and wow, you do embroidery?? that's really impressive- you must have a lot of patience and care! xx misstea & co.

Rebecca said...

I haven't been ice skating for SO LONG! Dead jealous. It looks like you had the most wonderful year (:

Mitha Komala said...

i can't skate even after i learned it, sigh.. anyway i love your kitty sweater. bet you had lots of fun with the nice boys <3


Ken said...

hello grace!!!

suki pooki said...

What a crazy year! That's a lot of banana bread too haha but I bet it's tasty!

Anonymous said...

You are so fabulous. Love reading about your life, you are a fashionable HOOT!