06 March 2012

Fake Tattoos [sponsored review]

Fake Tattoo kindly sponsored me for this review! I was really flattered and excited so here it is.
Fake Tattoos are the biggest in Europe regarding temporary tattoos.

They even sent me an anchor :3 I love sailor related itmes.
I followed the instructions, which were simple and easy. It took me a minute to apply it on
the Anchor Tattoo, and it looks realistic! I'll be stocking up on this little beauties.

Personally I love temporary tattoos, but I've found other temporary tattoos are very shiny and crack easily but not Fake Tattoos' products! I love how this one didn't have a sheen to it and stayed on quite well. They are really light and comfortable and are totally safe on my sensitive skin! They are meant to last 3 - 10days, but mine lasted 2 days becuase I scratch alot :(

Why temporary tattoos over real ones?
No pain
A fraction of the cost
no need to walk around wrapped in cling film
no risk of infection
quick and easy
no age restriction
and it's temporary!

Fake vs Real

Mr Nice Guy has a couple of tattoos (the ones on his knuckles are in UV ink though) so I used his tattoo for a comparison on how a real one looks against a temporary one.
Several of my friends actually thought I had got a tattoo!
Their reaction was priceless:')

They have a wide range of tattoos; you can even design your own, so check them out!
They deliver worldwide aswell.

Facebook Page

Be sure to follow them because they post VIP discounts

I've thought of getting real tattoos, but I don't want to live to regret it.
How about you?


Shou said...

I personally dislike tattoos a lot, so fake tattoos may be a good solution for people who want to have tattoos but not forever x3

Frankie 泪水 said...

When I was 14-15 I REALL wanted t have a tattoo. Now I don't know. :( Lately I've been really phobic of pain, and also I change my mind all the time. But for me the biggest reason not to get a tattoo is that I don't want to age with it. It might sound silly, but I think tattoos are cute on young skin, not old and wrinkled. xD
Still, I can't help dreaming about getting a tattoo of a little shrew on my left hand. <3

OtherMix said...

Looks cool! Though, if you look at it side by side the difference is quite clear!

No tattoos for me! Like them on others, but I will not get them!

Liz said...
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Liz said...

I never wanted a real tattoo but fake tattoos are realllyy fun! I can imagine all sorts of photoshoots with them xDD

If I had to get one though - I think I would go all out, kinda like what Miyavi has on his back!

Shop N' Chomp said...

I have one and I regret it so I recommend sticking w/ temporary ones! :)

m i s s . t e a said...

oh wow they really do look realistic! is that in italian? i wonder what the translation is :D

Dilan Dilir said...

cool tattoos :D

Thomas Gantz said...

They are cool. But I'm glad they are not permanent. :-)

cominica said...

I want to get a real tattoo too when I was younger XD

Lisa said...

omgosh so cool the sailor one is so perfect for you!! hahaha

Jessille said...

that'sreallycool.i dont like real tattoo... but i will think for this tattoo
btw hope u vsit my blog and if u intrstd,u can fllw me

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Awesome, I love fake tattoos!! Yours looks great, really realistic!! Will check them out!! xx

Marcela Gmd said...

Hi lovely, I like the tattoos!!!
Thank you for your visit!!!
Maybe we can follow each other?
Have a good week!

Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

The Cat Hag said...

That anchor tattoo looks so unique! :)

The Cat Hag

Beccy @ Two Days Slow said...

I can't believe how realistic that looks!

Fashion to Go said...

I've definitely given tattoos some considerable thought. I want to get one, but just haven't decided what design yet :)

Tara India said...

I love real tattoos, and plan to get one, but these look like a good way to test out some designs! Love the anchor. xox


DWei said...

If I could find a really neat design or something I'd get a small tattoo somewhere on my back.

That is, if I could find something I really liked.

Bad Taste Toast said...

I totally agree on the advantages of temporary tattoos you listed! I ordered some at Fake Tattoos too and I'm glad they get so many good reviews. haven't tried mine yet, I want to wait until spring and put them on my arms then :)

Suvarna Gold said...


omg cool fake tatt.need one too hehe

Thanh Thao said...

I personally wouldn't want a tatoo, so this non permanent is a good idea!

Steph C. said...

ooh i was totally into henna when i was young! i rly loved fake tattoos! especially in the summertime :D



Oh to Be a Muse said...

i think getting an anchor was perfect for you. you are definitely a sailor girl.

i just read about Fake Tattoos earlier today, and I am really becoming a fan of this website. The tattoos look real and, depending on where you put it, they seem to last for a good amount of time.

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Ok this is off topic, but I've been wondering about the English school system. I've read blogs belonging to 16/17 year olds that are in college already, while in the USA, we don't go to college until we're 18/19-ish. We start elementary school with grades K-6 when we're 6-12 years old and then middle school for two years, high school for 4, and then college, so how does the British system work?


i love inks design and i have one too


pixelhazard said...

he anchor is super cute :)

Bright Green Laces

Natasha said...

Grace this is so cool, I love how real it looks too! I would like to get a tattoo but I don't want to regret the design I choose like you :P And no worries, I'll look forward to your letter! xxx

Piperita Patty said...

I love the anchor *_*
I tought it looked quite real, but confronted with a real one lacks some green and depht. Though, like you I tought of getting tattoed, but as it's for life I fear I'll change my tastes and regret it.

Miki's scrapbook said...

Congrats on this sponsored review! ;D I think temporary tattoos are a great idea! I don't think I'd dare have ink on my body for good.