10 March 2012

Neue Lila Haare

Thanks Mr Nice Guy for dying and bleaching my hair :)


He bleached it twice and then we dyed over it with Schwarzkopf Live Mystic Violet.

(slightly effected by the fumes of the bleach)

He wanted to let my hair rest for a couple of days but I was too impatient so we did it all in the same day. I don't think I could last a whole week being this blonde!

The underlayer of my fringe and bits of the side are a light pink/purple, but you can only see it in the sunlight or when I wear a side fringe.

doesn't fade out easily
one box for whole head of hair
plenty of colours to choose from
works on thick hair
easy to get off skin
easy to get ahold of

very itchy
30minutes to wait after application
not very easy to apply (but what home hair dye is)

The colour is really rich and the dye didn't dry out my hair. It was itchy on my scalp, but Schwarzkopf is the only dye I've used, and it's really effective on my Asian hair. The price was cheap considering it's permenant and I only needed to use one box. I've been purple before, so it wasn't a dramatic change, but I really like how it makes me look paler and I think the colour brings out my eye colour more, or that could just be me :p

I wasn't sponsored for the review, but I wanted to show off my new hair colour ^_^ Thanks again Mr Nice Guy.

Remember Be Colour Safe!

What hair colour do you want?

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Shou said...

wooooow it looks awesome! *_*
suits you so well!^^
I would like to have a light brown..but it's so hard to get :/

Frankie 泪水 said...

Oh, I tried that exact color about a year ago. But since my hair was henna dyed before, it turned black. :S Super cute on you though!

I would like to have really silver blonde hair. Or well, I LOVE green hair, but I'm starting to feel too old for that. >.<

Suvarna Gold said...

wow wow wow love the hair ;)

Różena Grey said...

I dream about ginger colour:)

Thanh Thao said...

Wow, Grace, it looks so cool!! I hope it will still be there when you come to visit! I wanna see it on you!

Hmm, actually I love my natural hair colour, but sometimes I think of having this typical japanenese brown, hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this looks great -such a pretty colour.

Winnie said...

The colour looks really pretty on you!

Saara said...

the color suits you! I was thinking to color my hair red but when I bought a color I was too afraid it wouldn´t be "me" :D


Sick by Trend said...

This color suits you perfect!



OtherMix said...

I know that! I've used it too, I think I had a purple something colour?!

You should use Garnier - Colour Fructis(sp?)shampoo to make it last really long!

I love the colour on you!

Ice Pandora said...

Eggplant purple, I would love to have that :) as haircolor!

Mr. Nice Guy did a great job <3
You look so cute!


Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

I like how your always changing your hair! I would love to get some blue into my hair, but my parents would never let me! D:

NaNa said...

lovin the hair colour! its better if it looks subtle instead of in your face =D i want my hair to be hazel brown =Dxoxo

Bad Taste Toast said...

Lila, cool! Hatte ich früher auch mal, ich hatte sogar die Farbe vom selben Hersteller und war auch total zufrieden damit. Ich liebe das auch wenn dunkle Haare einen blasser machen :)

sugar sugar said...

i think it turned out great! i like lght brown hair with highlights. :)

Steph C. said...

wow! nice! looks good!!


Ginger and Lace

http://khalilahaoki.blogspot.com/ said...

Bleaching Can Damage our hair! mine are very dry due to bleaching my hair 3month ago..:( But i love ur hair color!!! Violet color makes our hair look healthy and stylish! ^_^

Tara India said...

Love the new hair, it looks so cool (: xox


Sick by Trend said...

very cool! change always is good!



Katrina said...

Love your hair! The colour is so pretty and looks beautiful with your dark glossy hair)


Joey said...

Love the new hair colour! Nice job! Yeah, I prolly wouldn't have wanted to have that bleached hair for a week :P

Morgane ☆ said...

Aaww this colour looks so good on you ! The fact it's more seenable with sunshine is even better :)
As for myself... I'd like something just lighter than my actual hair colour.

Morgane ☆ said...

Aaww this colour looks so good on you ! The fact it's more seenable with sunshine is even better :)
As for myself... I'd like something just lighter than my actual hair colour.

Anonymous said...

Your hair is looking hot missy! <3

Izzy said...

the violet shade is gorgeous! you're lucky it showed up vibrantly on your hair. there was a time when I tried dying my hair purple but it just ended up looking black :P


pixelhazard said...

They have foam home dye now and it's much easier and less messy, I must confess. Your hair looks so great!

Also: I have an idea for your pay it forward thing so i sent you an e-mail just asking how you feel about the americal flag print? Intense dislike is totally acceptable but i'm itching to start so get back to me :)

Bright Green Laces

Piperita Patty said...

I love it!!!
But, sorry, I don't think blond suited you XD

Mitha Komala said...

woah i love your new hair dear!! but i think the red tone one matches you better than the blonde one ;D <3


Carmen said...

Your hair looks so amazing, he did such a good job! I've tried that brand of hair dye and it just tinted my hair red, and I'm only half Asian. My hair is the most stubborn thing ever! Though I can't wait to see more photos of your new hair with outfits!

Carmen Ri.

Miki's scrapbook said...

I love your new hair! :D And how nice of Mr Nice Guy to have helped you! ;D Kudos!

Hope you have a great weekend, Grace! ;)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Super nice color! I think this is my first time seeing you without glasses too. :)

I'm currently wanting an ombre look for my hair but it's short right now so I don't even know if it's worth it...lol. XP

themilkclub said...

woah pretty colouring! and i LOVE the cut, the fringe looks super cute.

Natasha said...

Your hair colour looks so cool Grace! I love the purpley tinge, such a nice colour to have against the darker colour. I'm glad my sunshine post made you smile, nothing like sitting in the sun. xxx

Liz said...

That color looks so good on you. I've actually wanted go blonde for awhile - like short bleach-blonde hair. Only problem is - my parents would kill me hahaha.

Also - thank you for your concerned comment (awhile back). I feel like my blog posts are always really angsty, but I swear I am not like that in person! I just tend to like heart-breaking words hahah.


goodbadnfab@gmail.com said...

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Lisa said...

PRETTY!! so cute that your bf helped you dye it! i don't think my husband would help me hahahaha.. when i was in college.. i had BRIGHT fire engine hair.. sometimes i miss it hahahaha

MayClover said...

Wow I LOVE the hair color a lot<3