24 March 2012

Trade Myself In

There are quite a few products to 'enhance' your features on the market.
I'm a fan of circle lenses and fake tan, although I'm tempted to try Dr Scholl's Slimming socks

I find the thought of boob tape, body tape and fake piercings uncomfortable. Taping your boobs in general sounds uncomfortable...
There are circle lenses, fake eyelashes, double eyelid tape, teeth whitener, fake nails. The list goes on, what do you think about this? Do we rely too much on these products to make us feel better?

Anyway I thought I would share my first experience on fake eyelashes!
I tried out the fake eyelashes from this post.

They were subtle, yet effective.

I found them uncomfortable, but I think I didn't cut them out right.
I found my left eye really difficult to do. The lashes didn't seem to sit right on my eyelash line either. Do I need more mascara or curl my lashes better?

What's your opinion on fake eyelashes, fake tan, fake tattoos?
too unnatural?


Shou said...

I like false lashes and I think fake tattoos are better than real tattoos^^

NaNa said...

i think subtle everything is the best =D thanks for sharing hun they look great!
love from the NaNa girls xoxo

Steph C. said...

hmm i like the idea of fake lashes and tattoos for special occasions and for fun. but the thought of an orange tan really makes me gag :P

Ginger and Lace

Saara said...

I think it´s waste of time to do so much for your beauty, cause the natural look is the best. I´ve never got into those things don´t even know why :D


Katrina said...

Well I personally try to be as all natural as possible - don`t even dye my hair. So I don`t use fake eyelashes unless it is a make up event or something like that. And I also like fake tattoos as they are a great cheap alternative to real ones. Other than that, I`m all for natural beauty)


Shop N' Chomp said...

I'm ok with fake lashes and tans but fake tatts are kinda silly imo.

Junjun said...

Honestly, I've never been a huge fan of tans, but I don't have anything against it either. =/ I guess, as long as things are not taken to the extreme, there should be no problems. o3o

As far as fake eyelashes go, I heard it's easier to have the fake eyelashes blend in with your natural eyelashes if you curl your lashes + put on mascara prior to putting on fake eyelashes~ c:

Mitha Komala said...

Thanks for the lovely comment dear. Your post is amazing and inspiring as always. <3


kakuidori said...

i enjoy 'playing' with makeup, false lashes and all those things but fake tattoos and piercings i will not try. i like my real ones enough and luckily have a job where i can 'look the way i want' so if i really want some bodymod i will get it (after some LONG time of thinking about it. - if someone changes their mind too often i think fake ones are definitely a better choice)

and for the experiencing with fake lashes, it gets better everytime you do it, some brands do feel harder, some make your eyes hurt but there are also some that you wont even notice at all. same with applying, different glues, different techniques, blahblablah. you'll get there, they look cute on you :-D

OtherMix said...

I am not one for any make up at all, so no fake things either! Though, fake tattoos, like the ones on tights can be nice! :]

m i s s . t e a said...

I've never tried false eyelashes before, just because it's not too practical for every day wear, but I'm defs open to eyelash growth serum! :D Just a bit worried about side effects I guess haha x misstea & co.

Piperita Patty said...

I think sometimes fake is better than real, for example to tan a lot damages your skin, you can't cancel a tattoo so easily and so on. But every thing is different, and it depends on the way you live it too. If you use heavy make up everyday because you don't like yourself, I think the make up isn't the solution. It can be a way to experiment with your body without harming it too. Or it can be an only for fun thing, or something you do in special occasions. It's a difficult question :D

Laura Go said...

I love fake lashes and fake tattoos, not so much on the fake tans because I don't really like tanning so much or the tanned look. fake lashes help draw more attention to one's eyes which I like, and since I'm not one for permanent commitment, I love fake tats!
♥ laura
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misslikey said...

everything okay for me except fake tan!

Minna said...

I adore your blog! Would you like to follow each other on Blogger/GFC and like on Facebook? :)


Alexandriaweb said...

I think it's up to personal opinion, if you want to be natural be natural, if you don't then orange it up!
Life would be boring if we all looked the same!

cominica said...

I wear fake lashes,fake nail, circle lens, because I love to be different with other people. Beside that, I really love them so much, it's already become my life style. And I don't care what ppl think about me.

I think it depends on the people, they can wear what they want, I don't give a damn about it. I appreciate whatever they wear.
And there's no 100% natural appearance in the world except, the new born baby, lol XD

Cathy said...

I think fake lashes are really cool except I don't have time for them. :/

Cute blog!

Check out my blog & follow? (:

Anonymous said...

Sometimes fake stuff like lashes and tattos come handy..the only think I don´t like is fake tan..but hey, everybody is different ^.^

pixelhazard said...

I have to admit practice makes perfect on this one. video tuts, a good mascara, and a nice liquid eyeliner are also very helpful!

+ i'm almost ready to send your pay it forward...so excited. Hope you like it

| Bright Green Laces |

Serena Madhouse said...

I think they are fun, but not too much!

Thanks for your visit..


Khaosprinzessin said...

I think all those fake items can be fun - I like to wear corsets, fake eyelashes and wigs. I think it's okay as long as you don't pretend to actually look like this.
I know my waist isn't thin and so do most of the people I know, so when I wear a corset I choose a pretty one that I can wear on top of my other clothes. I wouldn't like to wear it under the rest of my clothes to appear thinner.

I wouldn't wear any of those items every day, but sometimes I just want to spend a lot of time and energy on looking good. Most of the time I prefer a natural look, though =)

beyondtheday said...

You look so cute with those eyelashes! Did the glue work out well?

You should totally wear them to college sometime when you get a bit more used to them, they really enhance your eyes ♥

--Char xx

Hi, great blog! I love the magazine shots. I really love the bright, clashing colours this spring/summer, and the prints are so adorable! Glad to hear you've gotten the blogging bug back.

--Char xx


Carmen said...

I think fake eyelashes can be brilliant at times! Same with fake tattoos because you don't have to make a commitment to having one! Though double eyelid tape makes me so uncomfortable to think about! Euwwww.

Carmen Ri.

Miki's scrapbook said...

Oh! I had never heard of double eyelid tape! :O I think these lashes look great on you ;). I have very few and short lashes :/, don't know how to apply mascara and the thought of using fake lashes make my eyes itch, haha. I don't understand how models manage to deal with huge lashes!

Happy Monday, Grace! ;D Hope you have an awesome week!


The Reflets Etincelants said...

i'm following you
mind to follow back? :)


Snugtrition said...

I can tell you from a guys POV that we generally like fake eyelashes. it makes look more feminine and that's what we're attracted to.

Fake tans and tattoos on the other hand reserved for a small group of men who like that sort of thing. Basically any abnormal coloring to your body is usually a turn off. But it depends on the culture as well, however I'd assume that most of us men dislike em ;)