22 March 2012

DIY Simple Skirt With Pockets

The skirt is very simple to make; I made two in under 3 hours. However, if you have never sewn pockets before it'll really slow the process down. I found it hard to explain the pockets, so I might make a video for it.

First cut two pieces of fabric.
They should measure

hip measurement multiplied by 0.75
desired length + twice the width of elastic + hem (around 2cm)

Then you need to cut out four pieces for the pockets

You can decide the depth of the pockets and width, but MAKE SURE YOU CAN FIT YOUR HANDS IN YOUR POCKETS! I made mine roughly 19cm by 15inches

Finished all the rough seams, I zig zag stitched mine to prevent fraying.

Pin two of the pieces together right side together
repeat with the other two pieces

leave around 2cm and sew like so
reverse stitch at the beginning and end

Iron do so you create a flap.


Place the pockets were you want them
(tip : look at your other skirts to see where you prefer your pockets)

Pin the pockets so the flap is facing the fabric but not pinned down.
Flip the pocket over and pin it to the other pieces of the fabric.
The skirt pieces should be right sides faccing.

Sew the pockets in place and remebering to reverse stitch.

Be careful not to stitch the pockets together!

It should look like so

Pin the edges of the skirts together and then sew the sides, making sure you don't stitch close the pocket.

Iron flat the seams.

Fold over the top, so you have enough to create a channel for your elastic.

Iron flat and then sew a channel leaving a 4 cm gap in the stitches.

Attach your elastic to a safety pin or bodkin and thread it through the channel.
Don't lose the end of the fabric!

Sew the ends of the elastic together.
(tip; melt the ends of the elastic to prevent fraying)
Sew the gap closed

Fold the ends of the skirt and then iron flat and then sew to creat a hem.

Sew applique if you want.


And tada!


I love making pockets, and since the skirt is poofy, they are quiet concealed.

(very happy with the skirt)

To make the skirt more poofy, just times your hip measurement by a bigger number, however you will have more 'bulk' at the waistband.

You can get some really cool shapes from rectangular cut out fabric, but I haven't really tried it out my self. I hope the tutorial was okay to follow!
Let me know how yours turned out!

What would you love to be able to sew?


beyondtheday said...

I want to sew shorts but they'll either fall off me or stop my blood flow ): cute tutorial! xxx

Kiki said...

Super cute skirt! It suits you very well ^^

Piperita Patty said...

Looks great on you!
Thank you for the tutorial! I made some similar skirts as they're simple, but I never tried to sew the pockets. I have to try, I hate when I don't have them!

OtherMix said...

The skirt looks great on you!

I'd love to make a dress and a particular skirt I have in mind. I think I can make the skirt, but I definitely cannot make a dress! I should go back on sewing class for that!

MuiMui said...

Cutee, thanks for tutorial (^^)

Serena Madhouse said...


Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

How cute! It looks adorable on you. :3

Natasha said...

This is so cute Grace, I love it! xxx

Claire said...

this is so cool! i love the print and the pockets are great. i really appreciate pockets on my skirts!!! you make it look easy! i don't know that i could sew anything but would love to sew a unique dress!


❖❖мoɴιcα-αι❖❖ said...

you are so adorable! look at that last pose! tee hee.
great tutorial although i could never do this lol

Laura Go said...

I adore the shape on you and the lovely heart embellishment!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Lisa said...

AHHH!! LOVE i love that it's sorta poofy and flairs out the silhouette is so cute on you!

Molly ♥ said...

Awsome diy you can never have enough pockets.

Bad Taste Toast said...

♥ Rise Against - Drones ♥ Oh I love it! :)

Really really cute skirt, great job! Haha I would love to be able to sew at all. I have to find some time to learn it soon ;)

Happy Friday!

Miki's scrapbook said...

Oh, my! You made 2 of these beauties in less than 3 hours! I'm so jealous, haha! ;)

I seriously need to start learning how to sew! It must be so cool to be able to fix your clothes and make them from scratch! :D

Have an awesome weekend, sweet Grace! ;D

Shop N' Chomp said...

Two in under 3 hrs? o.O I'd be happy just knowing how to sew one...lol. I actually want to learn how to knit more. Maybe one day? :)

Dilan Dilir said...

looks awosme :D I love to sew!


cute skirt


Hannah said...

Gorgeous little tutorial! You have a lovely blog . . .Thank you very much for your comment!

La fleur du mal said...

Wow, it looks really cute. Good work! :3

Katrina said...

Wow such an adorable little skirt!!!


The Cookie Button said...

This is super! Thank yous for sharing :) It looks so sweet on you xox

Laura-May said...

Thank you for your comment <3

Yaaaa your skirt is so beautiful *-*