09 April 2012

Herro Rondon!

To be honest, we only spent around 12 hours in London, but I'm in love with Camden Market.
Thank you Mr Nice Guy for showing me Camden :) We took a 6 hour coach ride to London.
 London Cyber Dog
 If you're ever in London, you must check this place out! they have dancers near the entrance and lots of UV lights. The staff there are so friendly and nice. Sadly, you're not allowed to take photos inside. It's not exactly for the faint hearted, in the basement they sell a range of sex toys (I was blushing so hard) and some of the staff bare alot of skin.  

Mini Haul ; Fabric Patch, Military Badge, Choker

I didn't buy much and the Hello Kitty mug was from my exchange partner. I finally bought a choker, I even haggled for it ^_^

 making friends

After a few hours sleep, we went to the airport, slept and played in the Amusements. We flew out around 5am.

Mr Nice Guy very happy with his meal

Our first meal of Gemany was McDonalds, I think we had around 5 McDonalds during our holiday XD I really liked how you have a choice of teas in Germany, in UK you only can only have English tea :(

happy to be reunited with Ronald McDonald

I spotted Ronald McDonald, I was so happy. As you can see my relationship with Ronald McDonald has developed since Hong Kong hehehe.

The information desk were so kind and helpful, it was quite easy to get to the hotel from the airport. 

 On the coach and at the hotel
Some readers wanted to see me and Mr Nice Guy together, so here are some bonus pictures ^_^

Also on the coach we kept shouting Herro Rondon, we also met a nice German gentlemen, who I insulted with my terrible German XD It was pretty awkward, he talked to me softly like a child (which was sweet), but I was utterly stumped when he asked me simple questions. 
wo kommst du?
ermm wir kommen aus..von? England...
omg I derped so much ofc we came from England we were on a 6 hour coach journey together! 
I should never be allowed to speak German XD

The flight was less than an hour (London to Dusseldorf), but what's been your longest flight?

♪ Music; You Me At Six - Contagious Chemistry


bebo kobo profile said...

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The Dainty Dolls House said...

Looks like you had a marvelous time!! My longest flight was from America to the Uk, five hours. I don't think I could ride for longer than that and I know some do. I hope you have a marvelous week doll :) xx

Shou said...

Lustige Fotos^^
My longest flight was from Düsseldorf to Paris, around 1 hour XDDDD
I don't often fly XD

Kiki said...

I have always wanted visit in London! My mum had live on there and I think it would be nice get to know her english friends and the city : 3 Specially I want see the madame tussauds : )
My longest flight was from Finland to Spain, but I don't even remember how long it took ^^'

☆ A i k o ☆ said...

Ohhh one day I want to go to England! It's my dream <3

αвву M. said...

wii fun in London :D

Thanh Thao said...

My longest Flight were always the ones from London Tokyo ;)) Great post, I so wanna explore London with you now!

((*natsi*)) said...

oooh nice photos *_*! i love london ;O;! your look nice with this skirt *_* i love your coords :3

daisychain said...

Looks amazing <3

Frankie 泪水 said...

You guys are really cute together. <3

Mitha Komala said...

both of you are so lovely and sweet! bet you had a great day with him ;D you look adorable <3


Lilly said...

Lovely :) Please come, follow my blog and take the chance to win a hot topshop blouse! lill x

Lola Finn said...

I love the blod hair of this guy ^-^ he looks so funny! :)

☆ A i k o ☆ said...

Grace, do you want to exchange letters?

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

My longest flight was probably from Los Angeles to China. By the end, I was so tired I just slept during my first day there! XD

kakuidori said...

nooooo i always think it is so cute when people give their best to speak german (hope people will think the same when i try to speak swedish O_O°)
you made me want to go to that cyberdog place :-D

Shop N' Chomp said...

Longest flight was my last one to Singapore (from L.A) due to a layover in Tokyo. It was pretty tortuous but the trip was fun so I guess that's all that matters. ;P

You two make a great couple! Btw I don't even know if the McD's here offers any tea. :X

NaNa said...

Oh I love going to McDonalds' in different countries. They all have different menus so it's pretty interesting to see what the same chain can have to suit different nationalities!

Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

Guilty Hyena said...

Some great treasures to be unearthed in Camden market.

glad to see you had fun!

Anonymous said...

Aww, you and Mr nice guy are so sweet! xox

Miki's scrapbook said...

Being in Europe must be so freaking cool! You can just take the train and visit different countries! :D

And you and Mr. Nice Guy look great together!

Mimi said...

Ahh you should have said youre coming to London! Could have met up!! xx

Piperita Patty said...

Mine was the one to Japan.
I went to Camden recently and I loved it! When I'll be rich...