30 June 2012

KERA - World Snap SCAN

I still haven't been able to look through all my magazines I got from Germany.
In the sale stash we found a very old copy of Kera for only €5.

click to enlarge

The magazine came with stickers, and world wide snaps of street fashion! I like how the photos are quite grainy and not very photoshopped.

I love the garter belt and her hosiery! I need to get back into art.

I think I prefer Kera nowadays, although it's nice to look back! 

I love this outfit too much, I decided I like tacky.

Anna Tsuchiya is so cute.

I hope you enjoyed the scans.

What language are your magazine subscriptions in?

♪ Music; The Wombat - 1996
I can't get over this song.


Miki's scrapbook said...

Getting magazines for cheap and browsing through them is so much fun! I'm always cutting pictures and words and making envelopes with their pages, hehe.

Hope you have an awesome weekend Grace! ;D

Lisa said...

heart this! i love asian mags! i picked up a stack in taiwan and china recently :)!

Danny said...

it's so cute to see some old magazines to see what changed!

Anonymous said...

i'm a new follower now! ;)




Atley said...

Hot dog. Very nice looking magazines. Mine are all in English and mostly consist of -popular science and - popular mechanics- a couple video game ones and some discovery stuff. But i might like one or two of the style you have here.

FashionGeek said...

love all the mix and matches!
can't wait to see you on my blog again!

Sabina said...

I never heard of this magazine. It looks really cute! How old was this issue? Hard to tell since the Lolita look has been around a while now.

KASSIDY said...

I love that pink "crying" eyeliner look. It's absolutely adorable- makes me want to try it!

My magazines are mostly in English, but I buy Japanese ones from time to time :D

Setyo-Utomo Said said...


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Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

Oh this is a pretty nice magazine!!

Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Sam said...

Looks like such fantastic style inspiration in these magazines. I read most of my mags in English, but like to read some in other languages as well.

Kristiina said...

Kera is awesome magazine, very inspirating! Thanks for these pics!


Winnie said...

I love Japanese magazines too. I actually visited the V&A recently and they had a small (ok tiny - like 6 mannequins) with different lolita looks. Really interesting!

Gems - Fashion Well Done said...

What a super adorable magazine - I could look at the pictures for hours!

Gems x

Fashion, Well Done

Ang Lam said...

I love jap magazines!! They are always so inspiring :)


kakuidori said...

love this kind of magazines!
the magazine subscriptions i have are the german gothic magazine and the german women's health but i would die for that english gothic beauty mag XD

Annia said...

I just found your blog!!
I love it!!

I made a blog a couple of months ago too.
I would really appreciate it if you could ceck it out and follow if you like it!
Thank you!!!


Valerie said...

Aw, these look nice. I've stopped collecting magazines now since there's no space in my room to keep it. My mom always complains if I place them outside. haha. Thanks for dropping by my blog! xx


sleepandwater said...

Very interesting to look through international publications, especially those featuring street fashion :) I used to read a lot more magazines a few years ago, but not so much anymore, though they were all English publications.

Sazi Efionayi said...

awww,i like the post


Joyce said...

i love blenda magazine :D i like japanese magazines in general. keep in touch <3


Robots in Trouble said...

wow.. these styles are so much different from the norm of the US! the last photos are called loleta right? orrrr something like that...?

Aurelia (A Pretty Life) said...

interesting post, have a nice week\

Collections said...

such great outfit ideas in that magazine!

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Marleen said...

Great pictures! Lovely styles!



Style Route

Anne-Claire Poupon said...

It seems to have nice things in this magazine!!

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Ahh what a find, all these scans are lovely! Thanks for sharing :D

pixelhazard said...

All mine are in English but there's some pretty cool international mags out there

Pixel Hazard | Bright Green Laces |

Carmen Ri said...

I love Japanese magazines but wish I could read it! If I buy a magazine nowadays it will be in English, which is a shame. I would love to be able to read another language!

Carmen Ri.

Shop N' Chomp said...

I think Anna's cute too. :) Besides English, I also "read" Japanese and Chinese mags. And by "read", I mean look at pics...lol.

Carmen Ri said...

Thank you for your suggestion, I might try and do a post of a day in my life! But honestly, it might be very boring aha! All I do is work most days and then collapse in bed. But thank youu, I think you're one of the few people who read what I write :)

Carmen Ri.

Small Kucing said...

For me its either english or malay language

Anonymous said...

Amazing magazines, I tend to buy English or American ones but I did buy Swedish Elle once for a beautiful editorial.

two birds said...

i love browsing through magazines. unfortunately, english is the only language i have a firm grasp in!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

This magazine is definitely your style. I like that the photos aren't really photoshopped either.

Clara Turbay said...

Nice look!

Allison said...

I really love seeing japanese magazines because I'm obsessed with lolita street wear! :)
A's Fashion Files

Laura Go said...

soooo jelly! I love Japanese magazines, but they are so hard to find here and are super expensive when I do find them!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
the shop of worldly delights

Serena S. Madhouse said...

Ciao Naka, how many interesting things I see in these photos!

good night!

Saving Capulet said...

I have so many Kera wants myself but I don't know how get those items all the way here so I guess it's fun to look at scans for inspiration and I love that girl leaning with the pink boots, so so beautiful!

Saving Capulet said...

I have so many Kera wants myself but I don't know how get those items all the way here so I guess it's fun to look at scans for inspiration and I love that girl leaning with the pink boots, so so beautiful!

Golden Cheer Grahams said...

Love the look you selected !
Great post !

Fuchsia and Viscaria said...

kera looks so ahmazzzinnngg. i'm not into magazine subscriptions right now. but i do make my very own (maga)zine, Spark. and i make it in english. i think nowadays i prefer english. i just can't really describe it exactly.

Mitha Komala said...

im glad that you got amazing magazines from germany dear, those japanese looks are so cute and lovely! the language used in the magz im subscribed to is Bahasa =) xx

Letters To Juliet

Pui said...

Hey, I don't get magz simply cuz I don't. But if i did it would be fashion magazines from korea or japan. Lukcily, my gf has a collection of those...unfortunately none of it's for men :(

Sindy said...

great post!


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

I love reading Japanese magazines! My fave is Zipper. x


Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

My magazines are all in English, but I subscribe to something like five fashion magazines. :D

Ice Pandora said...

Nice lolita and
harajuku style
magazine c:

I don't have
subscribed it
to a magazine,
I do like to buy
Dutch ones and
when I'm abroad,
I like to buy
their magazines c:


monica said...

asian magazines always give me a healthy dose of street style