02 August 2012

Auto - Fix Me

Find my new favourite silly pose for photos.

dancing outside Crazy Bubble Tea

Mr Nice Guy and I found a cute little Bubble Tea shop in York, they only did medium or bigger, but I really loved my choice, lychee with aloe vera chunks. I'm wearing this jumper. I recently got asked about the batman jumper, so I'll post a scan ASAP.

colourful selection

They were plenty of little jelly chunks and bubbles to choose from as well as flavours! 

cute fountain

York is a really pretty city, with plenty of shopping choices and a really popular night out destination :)

Crazy dancing #2 

fairy kei looking jumper

Mr Nice Guy bought me a cute little jumper too, well I picked it up and he bought it for me (>___<) It's 12-13 yrs old, but still fits me, I'm planning on revamping it. Kid's clothes are so much cheaper ^_^ 

I knitted a  vest, but I don't like it, so I'm planning on unravelling it and rearranging the cat  and shortening the  arm holes, since the v-neck is waaay too low :( it only took me two days to knit and I used up some of my old wool, win.
I'm knitting another vest, but hear's just a sneak peak ^_^ 

I am clothed in this photo

I need to get more chokers and transfer tattoos too.

What's your normal 'silly' pose?
I normally do puffy fish lmao

♪ Music; Blink 182 - Always
I love the drumming to this.


Mitha Komala said...

bubble tea, you always make me hungry with your culinary photos! and i love that choker, so rad! lovely post <3 xx

Letters To Juliet

Alexandriaweb said...

Ooooooh I'll have to find that place next time I'm in York, I really love bubble tea :D

Marleen said...

That sounds so delicious! That place looks so fun.



Style Route

Golden Cheer Grahams said...

LOOOOOOOVE your necklace !

Thanh Thao said...

Cute fotos, I really hope to share some Bubble Tea with you guys again soon! :)

Small & Silly said...

Omg Grace I LOVE this place and it's lychee bubble tea!

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

The Bubble Tea place looks so cute and colorful! York sounds lovely and I'm dying to visit England again. :D

Also, your boyfriend is too sweet! I'm glad he makes you so happy. ^^

Beau said...

omg. you ae so cute *-* find your blog very interesting and cute <3


Shop N' Chomp said...

I heart bubble tea! You look great in stripes. :D

Liz said...

You are so talented with sewing/knitting/making clothes hahaha. The jumper looks great!

This past year I've really changed how I buy clothes. I've been only buying really basic black tops for my regular wear (practically a uniform!) and I've been collecting random thrift store clothes for future photoshoots!

FashionGeek said...

love the polka dot jumper!
can't wait to see you on my blog

Teacup said...

Adorable dancing shots! And also, I get what you mean with the kids clothes - they're so much cheaper, and they fit!
Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Meri and Anni said...

That necklace is perfect <3
Really nice pics, your dancing looks fun! :D


Lisa said...

aww i love seeing you and mr. nice guys dates :) you look like you're having such a nice time with him hehe :) that's soooo sweet that he bought you that polka dot jumper so adorable!!

michelle angeline said...

nice post! awesome necklace and you look so cute :)

Michelle Angeline

Sam said...

Hi sweety thanks for your comment. Your photos are adorable! What is bubble tea, we don't get it here?

Natasha said...

Awww, the jumper's so cute and I've yet to find a Bubble Tea near me, but I want to! I love the choker and I always do the metal horns as my token silly pose, haha. xxx

Laura Go said...

you are making want bubble tea now! I haven't had it in a while. And don't unravel the vest! It looks really cute, especially layered!!!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
the shop of worldly delights

Girl Lilikoi said...

I love bubble tea too! What a cute shop front. I think the vest look great dear! Thank u for the lovely comments. Following u now. Lets keep in touch


Allison said...

OMG you picked up so many cute things!

A's Fashion Files

Ribka said...

I don't know what my silly pose is LOL
ah I want bubble tea now after reading your post!

MayClover said...

Hahaha that silly pose :D!!
Bubble tea! <3

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Still loving that choker necklace!

Lychee and aloe vera chunks sounds like a bubble tea the hubs and I would love!

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Can't believe it only took you two days to knit the vest! Really like the choker too!

blackberryfashion said...

this jumper is so cute :)


sleepandwater said...

Bubble tea places are everywhere now, aren't they? It's really taken off! :) I usually like mine plain though without any toppings. Cute pink polka dot jumper!

Hilary said...

Cute photos! I love bubble tea. I like lychee black tea. :D
Mm yeah I buy kid's clothes sometimes as well. :)

Serena S. Madhouse said...

Hello Naka!
this post is very refreshing!
Very cute pink pull, and everything else!



Asia S. said...

Great photos!!I really like your blog!! :)) X ♥

songwriterasias.blogspot.com :))!

Mari said...

Wow! I love how you can knit a vest! I actually never thought about having a knit vest.
My silly face pose is just puffing out my checks and trying to look either confused or angry (I suppose like Jigglypuff). It usually doesn't work out as well though!

Valerie said...

That choker looks gorgeous!! Thanks for dropping by the blog! xx


martienn said...

wow, nice blog ;)
I like this pictures ! <3

If u want follow me and writte comment ;*

Anonymous said...

The choker is seriously gorgeous. & I'm with you on kids clothes I have a pair of children's jeans that fit me amazingly -no one has to know.
My silly pose is always a lion roar !

kakuidori said...

hm still havent tried bubble teas XD that city seems to be a nice place!!

Piperita Patty said...

I love the fairy kei looking jumper! Children always have the better clotes -.-' But we're luky we can wear them! Epic win!
I also love the chocker. I'm a chocker fan, but lately I don't wear them so much, even if I continue to sew new ones O_O