22 August 2012

Riot In Me

A month til my half marathon and less than a week til I'm going to HK *crosses fingers*
but until then I still have a massive pile of wool and fabric to use up.

my to do list

I would prefer it to be a dress, but I don't think I'm technical enough to be able to change the pattern.


finish my purple vest top.

gothic cross dress

it's alot bigger than just one jumper, but I thought I would show you the one I'm most excited about :p

I need this in my life!
For some reason my tension seems very loose on these needles though :(

I need a Batman jumper too, this one is gonna be even more awesome!
I fly in less than a week, so I doubt I'm gonna get these all done though :(

What projects are you currently doing?


Serena S. Madhouse said...

Dear Naka, creativity is our salvation! What all these beautiful projects!


Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

Good luck with the marathon, I like the skeleton jumper!

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Liz said...

I'm always so impressed by your knitting skills! School is starting in less than a week so...just a lot of unfinished plans. Hoping to go sunrise and sunset chasing. We'll see how well that turns out xD

Anni said...

Wow, so many knitting projects! oO Knitting isn't my thing (well, I'ver never tried^^), but I sew... currently I have to start two Lolita skirts (or one skirt and a JSK) and there's a black blouse which I started month ago and never had the energy to finish .__. xD

OtherMix said...

I like the skeleton! I bet you do have the skill to make in into a dress! :3

Does learning how to drive a motorcycle count as a project too? :3

OtherMix said...
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SARA MARI said...

I love all your idea, doing a skeleton dress would be really cool and unique!

Milex said...


Lisa said...

<3 <3 everything you make it amazing! i love your skeleton sweater and i think your next project should be to make that rilakkuma hat! that is ADORBS!!!

prancing bee said...

You're so talented! I currently am procrastinating on my sewing projects. It's hard to be motivated when the computer is in front of you!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Omg that hat is AWESOME! XD

Projects? I don't DIY unfortunately. (Lack of skills here)

Anita said...

Lovely blog.

FashionGeek said...

love the first sweater!
can't wait to see you on my blog!

Yuki said...

Aaah, the rilakkuma hat! I also want one~~
i'm probably not skilled enough to make one myself tho .__. someone should sell them haha :D

Natasha said...

I love the skeleton jumper, you're so skilled with all these creations Grace! xxx

Anonymous said...

Your knitting skills are ace. I love the skeleton jumper. I'm working on some collages to cover my binders and books for back to school I love personalising stuff (:

Larissa said...

Great blog babe.

Marleen said...

Great skeleton jumper, love it!



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Francesca said...

love this hat and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

Sam said...

Hi doll, how are you, wow, this is such a great list of projects, you are really skillful to be able to create them all. Waiting to see the fabulous end results, all the best!

MagicMagpie said...

The skeleton jumper is awesome, you are so talented.


Allison said...

OMG the Rilakkuma hat! I die! I want one so badly!!!
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Ali said...

argh I'm so crap at knitting, I can only do it on a knitting machine!
with sewing though I'm making some costumes for these girls who do rollerskating and dress up as cute 50's waitresses for events. They look really good!

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Great projects!

I'm currently knitting a cute jacket-type cardigan. And I bought the cutest cat button for it^_^


Karlajz said...

Like your photos :) Maybe you wanna follow each other? I will always folow you back!

Laura Go said...

good luck getting everything done ;) can't wait to see how the skeleton jumper ends up!
♥ laura
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kakuidori said...

oh i wanna see alllll of these! still working mainly on my chainmail dress :-D

Pop Champagne said...

I would LOVE that bear hat too, it' so cute!

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Have fun in Hong Kong! Right now I'm supposed to be working on homework, but I can't seem to stay focused. D:

sleepandwater said...

The Rilakkuma Hat is super adorable! :)

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

oh my god! im going to learn how to knit so i can make that skeleton jumper. i agree i would love it as a dress too

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yiqin; said...

that sweater is so cute

Sazi Efionayi said...

love his post


fashionistas stop said...

nice and cute pictures! I love!

following you..hope you'll do the same :)
Surabhi :D

Golden Cheer Grahams said...

Love the sweater you bought !

Bad Taste Toast said...

Aaww cuuute! Horray for the skeleton jumper and bear beanie! :D

Ribka said...

The Rilakkuma hat is so cute! ^^
Don't forget to post the pic when you already finish it :p

Carmen Ri said...

The skeleton/batman jumpers look so cute! Wow, a marathon sounds like fun :)

Carmen Ri.