24 September 2012

Tight On Me

I'm addicted to tattoo tights.

I wish I could be a secret spy carrying a pistol hostler. I really hope the rifle club let me in :(

I've been pairing my tights with my new favourite shorts.

Also I've signed up for a taster of these societies
rock climbing
stitch 'n' bitch
east asian studies
sporting rifle club
circuit training

I'm debating whether or not to join the cross country club so I can meet fellow runners :p

What clubs are you in?


London's-beauty said...

You've joined great societies! :)

Tattoo tights look cool. ^^


Marlena said...

I love those tights! <3

Ice Pandora said...

*Big virtual hug*
I hope you are doing

I want to own a
pair of tattoo
as well!!
The pistol want is
really awesome c:

I used to be in a
swim club, gymnastic
club and dance club..
I want to join a
yoga club lolz


Harija said...

this is so cool!
Love them!!
Great post!
My Lyfe ; My Story


OtherMix said...

Cool tights! :]
Stitch and bitch sounds funny! :p

I am in no clubs, I don't think it's that big here in the Netherlands either! You are in lot of clubs though!

Ang Lam said...

I love tattoo tights too!!!! I've been thinking of diy my own but still didn't have time to do so but yours look absolutely amazing!!!!! Love it so much :)


Anonymous said...

I love tattoo tights so much! :33

Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

Cool tights!

Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

A. said...

so goooood! <3

- A.

Pop Champagne said...

those tights are cool, and have fun joining the cross country!

Sam said...

Hi doll, your tights look super cute and cool!

Puchi said...

hey-hey, thanks for your lovely comment❤ that batman sweater is cute ^-^

Anonymous said...

really cool tights and all the societies you have joined sound really interesting!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Wow, I haven't really seen tattoo tights before, but now that I have I might be a bit addicted to them too--so cool.

I'm not in any school clubs, but I totally would have joined gymnastics, rifle and rock climbing.

aMz88 said...

soo cool i want some but i always wear pants :P even-though i still want ❤

Carmen Ri said...

Where do you get them from? They look so amazing!

You're doing so much! Have fun :)

Carmen Ri.

☆ A i k o ☆ said...

Cool tights <3

Lara Woodbine said...

Lovely post! Check out my blog?

Winnie said...

Love your jumper and awesome tights! Looks like you've joined up lots of different societies - definitely awesome to be proactive!

Komachi said...

Looks very cool!

sleepandwater said...

Those tights are so neat, a good way to wear a tattoo without inking yourself haha :) Have fun dabbling in all those societies!

yiqin; said...

amazing <3

DWei said...

No clubs at all. I'm not good enough to join the Starcraft one. :P

Miki's scrapbook said...

Awe, Grace, your tight are so friggin' adorable!

And yay for studying, smart girl! ;D

Have a great week and a fun month! ;D


yiqin; said...

love the tights.

Bunnie said...

Tattoo tights are so amazing! I've been seeing some fantastic ones on Taobao and eBay.

But I saw a pair of the ball-jointed tights that make you look like a doll on tumblr with no source, and now I really want some! Those are my favorite so far.

Piperita Patty said...

Wow, cool! I'd like to try tattoo tights myself.

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Oh the tattoo tights are cool! But that seems like a lot of clubs, how will you manage them all. Bet youll have a lot of fun though!
Daisy Dayz

Tea said...

awesome tights

wanna follow each other? let me know... ;)

minimalistic me

AnneMage said...

yessss! these tights suit my fickle nature when it comes to tattooes