28 November 2012

Feed My Soul

 So my tries to become a domestic goddess is showing.
I made a birthday cake for my friend, we just used Pleco to get his name in characters.

 birthday cake 

I used this recipe. It was so tasty ^^  

tasty cake

I made another cake because it's fun; me and Sophie use it as currency XD

I've learnt how to make bubble tea or pearl tea and brownies aswell. I'm happy my skills are growing XD

Uni is really time consuming, but I still try to fit in socialising! I'm going to a Lolita Meet this Saturday. Now that I think about it uni has been eventful! 


Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

The cake looks so good! I should practice baking more. I've mostly been focusing on cooking main dishes. ^^

Nana said...

You are good at cake making! I never could do the cake filling properly...

OtherMix said...

Goodluck with uni! :D I bet you do great!

The cake looks really nice! :3

Piperita Patty said...

The cakes looks great!!
I'm trying to learn to cook alla my favourite foods before leaving home ^^
I'm happy you're having a great time!

Puchi said...

so many yummy looking things~ I'm hungry now >.<

Miruku said...

Too delicious looking...now I'll go to bet hungry!

prancing bee said...

Everything looks so delicious! Make snacks for me!! :P

Nicoleta_B said...

So lovely ♥

Many kisses,



Kiki said...

What a cute idea to bake a cake for friend : > And the cake totally looks awesome! You did nice work ^^

~*~ pEpPeRoNi ~*~ said...

Oh, looks yum!! :3 My baking knowledge is close to nil, haha...=_=""

Love the cute Hello Kitty packaging! :3

Have you tried cookies? :D

Reen Reen said...

Yum that cake looks delish! I make pearl ice tea and it always tastes different :(

Glad you got the shoes. I know it's not anything totally awesome but they were made with love if that helps?

@PixelHazard | Bright Green Laces |

Anita said...

great post.

Ice Pandora said...

Oh wow you should bake me
a (mango) cake some times,
it looks great! I bet
your friend was really
happy with the cake c;
Ah! You know how to make
bubble tea? I want to
learn it :c


Miki said...

Hi, Grace! How have you been? I'm sorry I haven't been here in like forever! :/ Now that I finally got a job, my life's gotten all busy, haha. But that's great, except for not being able to blog and read blogs.

Merry Christmas if you celebrate it! And this cake looks soooo good! Can I have a piece, please? Like, right now, hahaha!

Tight hugs, girl! ;P

Anice said...

Aww this cake look delicious *_*

LediaJ said...

Now I'm hungry..That looks yummy :D