17 March 2013


Sorry for the absence, I thought I'd keep to myself; I've outgrown Naka's Net, but I still want to blog.

sorry I haven't been around...

09 December 2012

Caught In A Moment

 So in November I have...

armoured elephant

visited the Royal Armouries with the Rifle Club...

 Seen Kopek and The Royal Republic twice, both at Leeds and Manchester! 

I was handed a guitar pic from the lead singer.

devoted drummer

 I STRUMMED THE GUITAR! the lead singer let the crowd play his guitar, it was amazing, I was so derpy. When every he looked at me I forgot the words of the song :< 

I ended up getting food poisoning before the Lolita Meet so I couldn't go.

Sorry I haven't been commenting on people's blog, life's a bit too chaotic for my liking atm.