08 April 2011

Hello Tomorrow


That was my exciting news. I have less than a month to put together atleast 2 outfits! One will definitely be inspired by Lolita and somethine else Japanese inspired!

I already have set in my mind about the Sailor Lolita outfit I want to design. Nautical but nice :p I think stripes and blue/white and red is in every season, so why not push the boat out? I know lame jokes XD Angelic Pretty school bag.
Picture from Hello Lace I wanted to make something cute but shocking aswell :/ Old CUTiE magazine. I really want to see everyone else's designs so I don't have matching themes aswell!

Kogal Suitable jumpers
Knitting I'll be having a stall set up afterwards too :O Sorry for not commenting. My excuse; I was out 7.30am till 12am yesterday for college and a gig. Sorry for not commenting back I will do it at the weekend!